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Our Story

Honey Muffin Boutique was inspired by the birth of my son.  I was completely prepared for a girl; I mean names and future outfits already picked out. Then came the news, “You guys are having a boy!” Are you sure? Do you need to read the sonogram again? “No Ma’am I am pretty sure you are having a boy”


Okay, time to readjust all of my plans of late night toe painting and beauty sessions! Move over dolls move in dump trucks. Goodbye pink and purple, “Mommy I want the blue one.” Once I saw his beautiful scrunched up face, all of my worries and fears went out the window. So I was able to let go of the longing for a girl and welcomed the joy of having Mommy’s little protector in the house. However, one thing I wouldn’t sacrifice was chic clothing and accessory options for my little man whom I dotingly call Honey Muffin.


My store is inspired by my son, the same effort I put into making him a better person everyday requires the same love I put into making the boutique a success. Every product is chosen with love. Rest assured when you shop with us we have sampled the product and consider it our privilege to share our delectable finds with you. I truly hope you enjoy your experience in the Land of Honey Muffin.



Honey & Muffins,

Geneva Dooley

Established June 1, 2010

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